2 comments on “Ideation

  1. I can relate. I’ve definitely been picking up more books to read than I’m accustomed to. You know when you grow up as a jock with a dream you rarely make the time to better your knowledge beyond the playing field until maybe around the time where your grounded. Glad I came to check this out bro. I’ll definitely stick around.

    • Thank you brother. I know that reading isn’t for everyone. People sometimes get caught up in thinking they can better the world, or make it perfect, by spreading knowledge and eliminating ignorance. It’s hogwash, and likely impossible. We would be dull and bored with perfection. We can’t all be the same. There must be a balance, which is the Eastern philosophy I’ve followed. Although reading isn’t for everyone, I do believe that we should all read some. And I apologize for not getting back to you on this sooner.

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